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British travelling to Europe will have to share personal information and be scanned!

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Under Brexit, holidaymakers will be expected to reveal health conditions, details of their trips and have thier faces, fingerprints scanned before being granted entry permits. Other conditions for receiving a visa under the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (Etias) include sharing information about criminal records, the purpose of travel and the location of your first night's stay. Along with ensuring that you have enough funds to support yourself, should anything happen to your hotel, travel company while you are on holiday. This equates to approximately £70 per day per person, costing an average family of four an extra £3920 on a typical 14 day holiday!

It's feared the new entry requirements will cause hour-long queues at air, ferry ports and rail terminals, the Port of Dover has said to a newspaper:

"We are very space-constrained within the ferry terminal with cliffs behind, and sea in front. The footprint we have to work with is already limited. If we don’t have the regulation changed, then it will be a lot more difficult for us to be able to deal with the process. It will make it lot slower."

Tourists will need an Etias visa for EU countries as well as non-members Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein from 1st January 2024 but there has been little information passed to the travel industry or released to the general public as of now.

Once successful, visitors can stay 90 days within an 180-day period. Etias authorisation will be linked to your passport and valid for up to three years, or until your passport expires.

A Home Office has said, they understand the concerns of British travellers and the sector around the EU’s new travel requirements. MPs are working and liaising closely with European partners to ensure their plans do not cause unnecessary delays for UK Citizens travelling abroad.

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