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Simple Explaining Passport Rules

Updated: May 7

Border control passport
Border control passport check

Simple and easy to understand so you do not get caught out and lose money on a holiday.. One thing this Travel Agency does not want to have a call about is "I'm at the airport and they say cannot get on the flight cause passport is not valid"

I keep telling customers to check the start date and take 9 years from then, this way you are safe for departing and returning to the UK on your holidays!

We cannot be held accountable if your passport is expired, we can only do our best to tell you to renew your passport as soon as it is 9yr 6 month from the ORIGINAL issue date. No matter if it says you still have expiry date for example 30/03/2023, you cannot leave the UK AND RETURN after 30/12/2022 under the new EU laws since we left the EU cause of BREXIT!!

Again, Tour Operators cannot reiterate that now your passport cannot be more than 9years6months from issue date..

Otherwise this is what can happen when arrive at airport or EU cause of rules when we left the EU last year..

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