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Spain travel warning for UK tourists to popular destinations - Benidorm, Ibiza, Alicante and Majorca

Updated: May 7

Spanish Beach
Spanish Beach

Holidaymakers jetting off this year to Spain are being warning as there are a number of rules that have come into force and must adhere to. Everyone knows how the British love a holiday to these destinations and as its now spring, lots of people are starting to book their holidays whether short weekend breaks or couple of weeks in the sun this summer. However before you pack your suitcase, it's important that you are clued up on the new regulations, whilst staying safe and respectful of the local laws.

In Benidorm, tourists are being being advised that it is law not to swim, sleep on the sand at beaches between the hours of 00:00hrs (midnight) and 07:00hrs (7am). This can land you a fine of £650 to £1000!

At a beach that non-nudist, its is illegal to take your clothes off and sunbathe or swim in the sea. This can leave your wallet naked by another £560!

Whilst drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes on Benidorm beaches is strictly forbidden, can be extremely costly of a huge fine from £560 to £1700! This is due to littering issues and laws on peoples health.

TAXIS - GOV.UK has warned British tourists to only use registered taxis in Spain this summer as passengers caught travelling with unlicensed taxi services could get fines of up to 600 euros (£510). The travel experts said: "This is due to transport risks, so make sure you book your taxi or airport transfer through a licensed firm."

NOISE POLLUTION - Alicante, has announced it will be handing out large fines for noisy tourists. This could be for playing loud music on the beach to even talking loud in your accommodation. So, if you have an argument with friend or family whilst on holiday, this could become an issue and might land you in some hot water!

These regulations are tighter versions of the city councils laws put in place in early 2019, and can cost British up to £25,700!! Everyone wants a good time while on holiday, but you can have fun as long as you respect others.

Unlicensed Parties In Ibiza or Majorca you could end up with a large fine, so if travelling to these popular destinations, be wary where you are partying ensuring that you are at local authorised nightclubs etc. Authorities are closing in on any unauthorised or unruly parties and will issue fines to everyone involved from organisers to attendees. This could end up with fines from £25,000! This includes parties at villas, hotels and private homes where adequate safety measures are in place (emergency exits, capacity limits and fully trained security staff employed).

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