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About Me &
Our Vision

BG World Travel was founded on a straightforward premise: to assist individuals in discovering the world through travel and to ensure that their travel experience remains unforgettable. Whether you’re exploring solo or with a group, we have something for everyone and cater for those especially with accessible needs as we think those who require additional needs should enjoy the World of travel just as much as those that don't.

We are committed to designing unique and memorable experiences for our clientele.



Our vision for travel and tourism is to provide better service to our customers while supporting the environment. We strive to provide and supply sustainable travel and tourism experiences to everyone. We will use our resources to reduce our environmental impact and asking our suppliers to provide more sustainable products. We aim to promote responsible travel and tourism and support initiatives that help conserve the environment. We want to be a leader in sustainable travel and tourism and contribute to a greener future for our planet.

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Our Services - Travel

At BG World Travel, we provide an extensive array of services to enhance your travel experience. We handle everything from booking flight tickets and hotel accommodations to organizing luxurious cruises and serene spa retreats, as well as vibrant activity-filled holidays.

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With BG World Travel, embark on journeys to some of the most exotic and awe-inspiring destinations around the globe.

Whether you're keen to explore ancient ruins locally in the UK or foreign lands or bask in the sunshine on a tropical beach, we offer a perfect destination tailored to your desires.

Our Destinations

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Our Services -
Event Management

At BG World Travel, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure that your event experiences are seamless and stress-free. From arranging and organizing simple gatherings to managing full-scale weddings and facilitating smooth business conferences, we strive to make every experience enjoyable.

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